Another reason to love the Internet

August 7, 2010

Fred Clark (also the author of an entertaining shredding of the Left Behind books) posted Jourdan Anderson’s August 1865 letter informing Colonel Anderson that he probably wouldn’t be returning to work on the colonel’s plantation.  It’s a beautiful piece in the “screw you” genre which should be studied by everyone who wants to learn how to be polite and blunt all at the same time.

Just as good are the comments (as always on “slacktivist’s” blog), where some speculation that the letter isn’t genuine have so far led to a scan of the letter in the August 22, 1865 Daily Tribune, census information confirming that a Jourdan Anderson did live in the letter-writer’s town, and census information on the probable colonel.  Gotta love the Internet, which makes all this possible.


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